Who is Iscah Sun?

I am a pretty amazing switch, sapphic trans leftist, witch bitch, and amazon bimbo. My pronouns are she, her, ma’am and some expletives to those I’m close with. I’m an avid fan of functional fitness and work in InfoSec, generally having an interest in all things cyber, just not for you.

I used to blog and found that it was too traumatic after being doxxed by estranged blood for my comfort, until it wasn’t anymore. Time is the great healer.

Are you queer?

Oh yeah. My beloved and I have been married for over a decade and are gay as shit, having supported each other through thick and thin, like chronic disability and near terminal illness to rigors and unknowns that gender transition brings to a relationship. None of it was greater than the ass load of increasingly sapphic and sickly kinky sex we are having.

What are your opinions on…

I have a lot and I hope you’ll stick around to read some of them!

My beloved and I have a lifetime of learning from each other ahead of us and our relationship is built on bonds stronger than us just being dominant or submissive, butch or femme, top or bottom to varying degrees, each at different points and times in our lives. Things will always be changing,

We have an opportunity to live in service of each other every day and always improve ourselves, always update our beliefs, always grow and nourish.

What is a Subflower Garden?

Subflower” is a kinky playful pun on “sunflower,” and this is my garden to work in.

The name “Subflower Garden” was decided upon after a discussion with dear family about what type of person I am, her thoughts on co-entwined power exchange in nature and the symbology behind it.